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Your organising committee

Hertford Carnival Committee

The organising committee in 2019 rotary logocomprises of Hertford Rotary (and Inner Wheel) and Hertford Town Council (HTC).

Individuals are welcome to join! - please see below.




Members of the committee are;

David Kirby (chair) (and performers)hertford town council crest

Ivan LeGallais (businesses)

James Turner (stalls)

Peter Rawlings

Melissa Reynolds (HTC)

Sophie Archer-Mills (HTC)

Linda LeGallais (Inner Wheel)

Anna Schlenker (website and twitter)

Abiding by the rules

The Hertford Carnival Committee is registered and run as a non-profit organisation, which means;

some of the organisers in 2015

Photo; Some of the Rotary Club organisers having a breather on Carnival day 2015. courtesy of Melissa Bolton.

Mission statement

Every year we hope that the carnival will, for ourselves and our fellow people of Hertford and environs;

Can you help organise this year's event?

We are grateful for any extra help offered in the lead up to carnival day. If you have any particular skills in finance, event organising, publicity, or Health & Safety, if you have general organisational or people skills, or are simply keen, you will be most welcome.

We also always need extra help on the day itself.

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Want to join us for 2019?

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