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Carnival 2016 - our business and volunteer supporters

Participants, businesses and volunteers all played their vital parts in ensuring the 2016 Hertford Carnival was a success, both on the day and for months in advance.  The day would not have happened without our sponsors and supporters, organisers and stewards.

Our Supporters

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Business partners

Various levels of support were sought from local businesses, ranging from being a main sponsor to displaying posters and anything else we - or they - could think of!  This support from local businesses was essential in making this community event happen.

We were very happy to see businesses who had supported us previously being willing to return in 2016! In addition, we had three new sponsors.

All businesses involved benefitted from the publicity pre-, during and post- carnival day.

These kind business partners and supporters for 2016 are detailed below.  Thank you! – without your help, Carnival day 2016 simply could not have happened.


We were very happy to count the following as main sponsors for the 2016 event;

Longmores Solicitors

Longmores are a long established (they date from the 1700s!) and respected firm. They offer a range of personal services including wills, inheritance tax planning and relationship issues, and a host of business services from mergers to shareholders' agreements.

longmores logo

They were ranked in the 2016 edition of Chamber (a guide to the legal profession) as a leading firm with praise for their knowledgeable, professional and discreet service.

They are based in Castle Street and details of their website are here.

We were delighted to welcome them as a new sponsor for 2016, both as a sponsor and a stall holder for Carnival day.


Abel - Sales and Lettings

A brand new sponsor and a brand new business, Abel are based in Market Place. An independent Sales and Letting agency, their ethic is about building customer loyalty through trust, transparency and integrity. abel logoThey are also proud to be in Hertford, have committed to keep jobs for local people, and are determined to be involved in local fund-raising events; being a sponsor for Hertford Carnival 2016 is a super start!

Their services include landlord/tenant services and sales, and useful extras such as a photography drone, long opening hours, and shuttle cars to property viewings.

abel pimms stall 2016

On Carnival Day they sponsored the fancy dress competition, with director Ami Hayward also acting as one of the judges. They were also very visible around the grounds, with their Pimms stall (drinks and scones were free in exchange charity donations) (above, courtesy of Steve Beeston photography), their pink and blue decorations brightening up the arena, and their white balloons floating up 'accidentally' into the sky ... Yes kids, they did look good floating up!!

Details of their website are here.


Hertford Town Council

hertford town council crestThe Town Council have been a key and long-running supporter of the Hertford Carnival.

In 2012 the resurrected carnival had key assistance from HTC's members, and the stalls and entertainment took place in the Castle grounds. In 2013 they were a welcome financial sponsor.

We were already delighted to welcome them back again for 2014 as a financial supporter. Then, at the end of May 14, the carnival faced not being able to run in its then format and at its current venue of Hartham. Hertford Town Council stepped in to help, offering to run the 'Carnival at the Castle' with Rotary. Without this support, Carnival Day would simply not have gone ahead.

In 2015 the HTC helped to plan the Carnival (again with Rotary), and the event again took place at the Castle.

In 2016, the HTC again took on this leading role, and again offered the Castle venue. They also gave us a grant of £800.

Details of the council's services are found on their webpage.


V&S Scaffolding

Based in Mead Lane, V&S Scaffolding are a V&S logolocal firm who provide scaffolding services in the town and across London and the South-East. They work on large and small projects, both residential and commercial. Their site is found here.

In 2015 they were a new sponsor, and they returned for 2016.

Once again they donated and erected the stage, which formed the centrepiece of the day!


Network Homes (formerly Riversmead)

Details of Network Homes - who now incorporate Riversmead - are found on their webpage. They own and manage over 19,000 homes across Herts, London and the South East. They are developing over 1,000 new homes a year and invest over £1million annually in economic development, and social and environment projects in the communities they are involved in.

network homes logoAs Riversmead, this organisation has been a stalwart supporter from the beginning, backing our resurrected carnival in 2012, donating key money and having a stall in the castle grounds. They continued this support into 2013, and again for 2014 and 2015. We were delighted to welcome them back again for 2016.


Barclays Bank

Well known as one of the biggest banks in Britain, barclays logothe Hertford branch of Barclays is on Market Street. Details of Barclays and their current, savings and loan accounts can be found here.

We were delighted to welcome them as a new sponsor for 2016. They pledged to match donations up to £1000, which was super.


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Other supporters

Many thanks to the following businesses or individuals for their invaluable support;

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Individuals who assisted Carnival 2016

There was a variety of ways individuals were asked to support the carnival, including planning, marshalling on the day, spreading the word ... And of course coming along on the day!   

Local people were crucial in making the carnival happen, both as a planned and a spectator event.

In 2016 it was once again a joint venture between Hertford Rotary Club and members of Hertford Town Council, with other individuals welcome to participate.

Members of the main Hertford Carnival Committee (HCC) 2016 were;

The HCC was supported by additional members of the working groups - Publicity, Finance, Events, Health & Safety – with other individuals lending a hand where they could.Rotary logo

Due to the large amounts of planning required for a carnival, even a small scale event without a procession, the committee and sub-groups were busy from January 2016 onwards, meeting regularly and progressing numerous actions.

Many extra individuals - from Hertford Rotary, the Town Council, and others - helped out on Carnival day itself, performing marshalling, bucket collecting, stall set-up, and other roles with aplomb.

Our aim was to arrange a community event which local people could enjoy as both participants and spectators, whilst raising money for local charities.  We think the many months of planning paid off!

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