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Carnival 2014 - our business and volunteer supporters

Participants, businesses and volunteers all played their vital parts in ensuring the 2014 Hertford Carnival was a success, both on the day and for months in advance.  The day would not have happened without our sponsors and supporters, organisers and stewards.

Our Supporters

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Business partners

Various levels of support were sought from local businesses, ranging from being a main sponsor to displaying posters and anything else we - or they - could think of!  This support from local businesses was essential in making this community event happen.

We were very happy to see businesses who had supported us previously being willing to return in 2014!

All businesses involved benefitted from the publicity pre-, during and post- carnival day.

These kind business partners and supporters for 2014 are detailed below.  Thank you! – without your help, Carnival day 2014 simply could not have happened.


We were very happy to count the following as main sponsors for the 2014 event;

Hertford Town Council

hertford town council crestDetails of the council's services are found on their webpage.

In 2012 the resurrected carnival had key assistance from HTC's members, and the stalls and entertainment took place in the Castle grounds.

In 2013 they were a welcome financial sponsor.

We were already delighted to welcome them back again for 2014 as a financial supporter.

At the end of May 14, the carnival faced not being able to run in its then format and at its planned venue of Hartham. Hertford Town Council stepped in to help, offering to run the 'Carnival at the Castle' with Rotary. Without this support Carnival Day would simply not have gone ahead, in any format.

Riversmead Housing Associationriversmead logo

Details of Riversmead are found on their webpage.

Riversmead were a supporter for our resurrected carnival in 2012, donating key money and having a stall in the castle grounds. They continued this support into 2013, again acting as a sponsor and running a stall on Hartham.

We were delighted to welcome them back again for 2014.

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Other supporters

The following businesses/organisations provided various invaluable support;

And of course;


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Individuals who assisted Carnival 2014

There was a variety of ways individuals were asked to support the carnival, including planning, marshalling on the day, buying raffle tickets, donating raffle prizes, spreading the word ... Police support on carnival day 2012And of course coming along on the day!   

Local people were crucial in making the carnival happen, both as a planned and a spectator event.

Members of the main Rotary Club Hertford Carnival Committee (RCHCC) 2014 were;

At the end of May 14, the carnival faced not being able to run in its then format and at its planned venue of Hartham. Hertford Town Council stepped in to help, offering to run the 'Carnival at the Castle' with Rotary. We were indebted to all who helped, particularly;

The RCHCC was police  helping out in carnival 2013supported by additional members of the working groups - Publicity, Finance, Events, Health & Safety – with other individuals lending a hand where they could.

Due to the large amounts of planning required for a carnival, the committee and sub-groups were busy from September 2013 to June 2014, meeting regularly and progressing numerous actions.

Many extra individuals - from Hertford Rotary, the Town Council, and others - helped out on Carnival day itself, performing marshalling, bucket collecting, stall set-up, and other roles with aplomb.

Our aim was to arrange a community event which local people could enjoy as both participants and spectators, whilst raising money for local charities.  We think the many months of planning paid off!

Photos; Police support on Carnival days 2012 and 2013, courtesy of Steve Beeston photography.

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