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About us and what we hope to achieve

Contact us now to get involved in Hertford Carnival 2017! An enormous amount of work has to go into organising even a small-scale static event: the more help, the better the event!

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In a bid to maintain the success of the revived Hertford Carnival into 2017, a group of like-minded local people have joined forces to make it happen! 

We are made up mostly - but not exclusively, everyone is welcome - of local Rotarians and members of Hertford Town Council, and form the Hertford Carnival Committee, and working groups in Events, Publicity, Finance, and Health & Safety.

Sub Groups and Planning

Photo; Some of the Hertford Rotary Club committee taking a breather on Carnival Day 2016, courtesy of Steve Beeston photography.

Abiding by the rules

The Hertford Carnival Committee is registered and run as a non-profit organisation, which means;

Mission statement

Every year we hope that the carnival will, for ourselves and our fellow people of Hertford and environs;


We are grateful for any extra help offered in the lead up to carnival day.  Anyone with particular skills in finance, event organising, publicity or Health & Safety, or with general organisational or people skills, or who were simply keen, is most welcome.

We will also need extra help on the day itself.

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