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Unfortunately, due to not enough participants, the 2014 procession was cancelled. See Why no procession and a smaller-scale event at Hertford Castle? in our 2014 coverage.

Although a big community day in the traditional carnival way is preferable, we decided to continue without a procession for 2015 and 2016, and we opted to stick with the Carnival at the Castle format for 2017 as well.procession 2013

We need a minimum number of floats to make a procession viable for costs and spectators, and in 2014 the carnival almost had to be cancelled due to not enough procession participants at the cut-off date. This incurred costs (road closures alone are around £3000 and have to be committed to) and some rather rapid and hectic redesigning of the whole afternoon.

A static fun day also gives us the capability to donate more money to charity, for example we don't have to set aside thousands for road closures.

We realise that a standard fun day is not to everyone's taste. If you are unhappy, make sure you help out and/or apply for 2018! We would like the next event to be a big community day in the traditional carnival way, but do need a minimum number of floats (enrolled in plenty of time; last minute applications create rather a headache) to make it viable for costs and spectators.

procession 2013

We also need some help organising the day; even a small-scale static standard event takes months of planning, with a whole raft of unexciting but incredibly necessary actions to translate ideas into reality. We start organising around January, so do get in touch before then if possible.

We work long and hard to organise and put on an afternoon of fun for the community, and we are grateful to all those who participate, to those who support us, and to everyone who comes along and enjoys the day.

Photos; entries in the procession on Carnival Day 2013, courtesy of Steve Beeston photography.

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It's all about Hertford

The more people who participate, the bigger and better Hertford Carnival will be!

Fancy getting involved in another way? Check out Help Now for individual and business options, or run a stall or perform for us.