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Your town needs you!

Aside from running a stall (click here), performing in the arena ( click here), or of course coming along on the day, there were many other ways to get involved in Hertford Carnival 2018.  Join us to ensure it is a real community affair that went with a bang!

Contact us now to get involved with Hertford Carnival 2018! The more people who put themselves forward, the better the event can be!


We are seeking sponsorship and other your town needs you iconforms of support from local businesses for 2018. 

Any level of support would be welcomed, whether a small donation (even a book of stamps can be useful) to large involvement (eg as a main sponsor).  Support can involve shop space instead of financial contribution (eg displaying posters).

In return for your help in this community event, we offer tiered levels of publicity to promote your business.

Click here for further details.  

Sponsors and supporters are detailed here


There are a variety of ways individuals can support the carnival, ranging from assisting the planning, marshalling on the day, to spreading the word.  Any offers of help would be welcomed.  Click here for further details.

Read about the existing volunteer team here.

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However much you want to participate in this community event, we hope that you enjoy yourselves!