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Main sponsors of the 2018 Carnival

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Abel - Sales and Lettings

Hertford Town Council

Breeze and Wyles solicitors

James A Turner Heating and Plumbing

BG Scaffolding

Network Homes


Beneficiaries of the 2018 Carnival

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Future Living

Mind in Mid Herts


Organisers of the 2018 Carnival

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Hertford Rotary;

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Or see the National Rotary Club of Great Britain home page.


Hertford hertford town council crestTown Council;







Other Local Carnivals

If we have whet your tastebuds, follow the links for details of other local carnivals. 

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Please note some pages still show previous year's event data and/or some carnivals do not run every year.


Bishops Stortford


Potters Bar

Saffron Walden

Great Dunmow


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