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Beneficiaries for Hertford Carnival 2018

To ensure that Hertford Carnival benefits the local community, two charities have been selected to be the beneficiaries of all monies raised on the day through collections and specified revenue.


The process

Instead of inviting all charitable and voluntary groups to apply, Hertford Carnival Committee - who are made up partly of the Hertford Rotary group - considered charitable and voluntary group contenders from bags of moneyRotary’s local existing community work.

Details of each organisation, aims and objectives, financial details, and how local people will benefit from the money donated were all considered.  This is always a difficult choice between deserving local groups.

The president of Rotary - this year Ivan LeGallais - then picked the two beneficiaries for 2018.


The decision

We are delighted to announce that the nominated beneficiaries of the Hertford Carnival 2018 are;

Future Living


Mind in Mid Herts

Many apologies, they were originally announced as Future Hope and Mind in Mid Herts.

You may recognise both names; both have been beneficiaries of Carnival before.

If a good sum is raised, the additional money will be distributed to other local charities supported by Rotary.

One reason we have opted to proceed without a procession again is so that we can donate more money to charity. See Join the procession.


Future Living

Future Living are a Health & Well Being Centre based in Cowbridge, Hertford.  They officially launched in March 15, and offer a range of services to help with the trials and tribulations of everyday life, ranging from one-to-one addiction therapy to Jamie Oliver cookery skill classes!

Their services have been extended in the three years they have been running to include help for more people, such as for young people who have experienced domestic abuse.

future living logoClients are helped in many ways, including with group therapy, one to one counselling and relaxation techniques, with retraining for employment, and also with practical advice on health, debts, or housing.

Staff include registered nurses, experts on eating disorders, nutritionists, psychologists and counsellors, plus a businesswoman to oversee the centre.  The staff are also supported by an army of volunteers who support the clients in any way possible.

They are guided by a Christian ethos, and aim to be sympathetic and caring, supporting both the client and their family.  Services are self referring and free to access.

They run a Community Cafe and Drop in Centre on Wednesdays from 10am-2pm; all are welcome.

Future Living took part with a stall in 2015, and were also a beneficiary that year.

As they provide free services and have a large staff of volunteers, any money raised by the carnival will be a welcome help. Money raised in 2018 will be appreciated; Thank you for supporting us once again, it is a great partnership and we are all really appreciative.  

Find further details here, email them or or phone 01992 537344.

Disclaimer – Hertford Carnival Committee are not responsible for the content of external websites

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Mind in Mid Herts

Affiliated to the national Mind organisation, Mind in Mid Herts provides mental health services in the area, with centres in Welwyn Garden City, Stevenage, St Albans and Hertford (where they are based in The Seed Warehouse opposite Castle Hall). 

They endeavour to provide help and support on a range of issues.  Anyone who has suffered mental or emotional distress or whose mental well-being is suffering is welcome.  Help is applied via methods such as counselling, 1:1 sessions, or group courses.

Courses available at time of writing include Mindfulness and Managing Anger (both held in St Albans), as well as Self Esteem and Depression (various courses locally but including at Hertford), and are either fully-funded or at a fee of around £20.

They are committed to providing a high quality service for everybody, and many services can be accessed by filling in a form on-line (ie self-referral).mind in mid herts logo

They have an active volunteer base and a professional staff team.  They offer services including counselling, peer support, group therapy, computer skills, employment advice, befriending and training.

At the Hertford centre there is a PC club every Wednesday and Thursday, offering basic help, and they also run an art group, walking club, music group and cafe drop-in sessions just to offer a bit of company.

Being a voluntary organisation, any money raised by the carnival will be a welcome help.

Mind in Mid Herts were one of our beneficiaries in 2015; we are delighted to offer their worthy organisation that works so much in our town anything more that we can. They had a stall in 2015; we hope to see them this year!

Find further details here, find them on facebook, follow them on twitter, email them or phone 01992 584387.

Disclaimer – Hertford Carnival Committee are not responsible for the content of external websites

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